Drum TAO 「Hyakka Ryoran Nippon Drum Emaki」DVD now on sale.

Director Amon Miyamotro,costume Junko Koshino,Art Director Rumi Matsui. Broadway,Tony Award four categories nominations. Miracle produce team is reunited. We visualize this performance decided to play in broadway. please look at this overwhelming,unbelievable performance and camera works. <Click here> Video Station Q Staff Cameraman    大森克己 KATSUMI OHMORI Cameraman    井上健二 KENJI INOUE Cameraman    城水善紀 YOSHINORI SHIROMIZU Cameraman    田村貴  TAKASHI TAMURA Video Engineer     徳重文夫 FUMIO TOKUSHIGE […]


TEAM 4K “Kijima Japanese Umbrella” won a prize in Tokushima 4K film competition.

“Kijima Japanese Umbrella”,4k contents made by TEAM 4K,won a “Japanese Culture Prize” in Tokushima 4K film competition.TEAM 4K is a project team that consists of Television Nisinippon Corporation,Video Station Q,Saga Television Station,STS Project.We shoot and records beatiful landscapes,buildings,traditons,and cultures in Kyusyu in the 4K ultra high-definitin format.Our staff was honored by Ren Osugi,the actor who […]

free sound effects download

VSQ starts free sound effects download.

Video Station Q,video production based in Fukuoka,Japan,starts free sound effects download for every creative people who make TV Program,commercial film,movie,WEB movie and more.You can use them freely in the user policy.We’ll be happy if we can serve you! Free Sound Effects Page VSQ Free Sound Effects User Policy ・You can use these contents with your […]


4K Kagoshima Promotion Video 2015 was introduced by Yahoo.

Kagoshima promotion video 2015 “BIRD’SEYE VIEW OF KAGOSHIMA”,shot in 4k ultra high-definishtin format was introduced on yahoo top page. The kagoshima islands’ landscapes which was shot by drone is tremendously beautiful. Yahoo article 2014 Promotion Video




ビデオステーションキューは福岡を拠点とする映像制作会社です。弊社では制作スタッフ、報道カメラ撮影アシスタント、ビデオエンジニア(オートデスク製品経験者/オンライン経験者・希望者)を募集しています。 経験、未経験問わず、共に映像コンテンツを制作、発信していける方、ぜひご連絡下さい。